The Alven Pledge

We partner with the most relentless entrepreneurs in Europe,
Stopping at nothing to make their vision a reality,
The obsessives who crave to leave a lasting legacy.

We back them through thick and thin,
Because we understand the highs and lows of thinking big.
We know how difficult and important it is to find someone
You can trust and confide in.

So we give it to you straight, every time.
Our 20+ years in this business have confirmed our belief that
Straightforward honesty really is the best policy.

It might not be always comfortable,
But our swift and heartfelt interactions are the best support we can offer as a VC.

As well as an access to our vanguard of rousing personalities
– experts, founders, alumni –
Who will encourage, inspire, guide and challenge you,
To make your mark on the world.