Our mission at Alven consists in

supporting the long term success of outstanding digital & technology entrepreneurs

Here are the values we set for ourselves to accomplish this mission.

Nurturing the best founders into a family of world-class leaders

Each new founder is joining a family where they can find support and advice from like-minded peers, sometimes a mentor for their career. We encourage entrepreneurs to share knowledge with each other and aspire to constant learning.

Investing in talented founders

Europe, specially France has birthed countless great teams, innovative concepts and outstanding companies, many of whom have gone on to succeed well beyond our borders. We feel confident it will remain a unique place to spot the many more to come who will create new companies and grow them beyond France and Europe and become global leaders. 

Proactive culture of hard work as integral partners

We proactively help entrepreneurs, and put in the hard work that they expect from close partners. We remain available to them to support their fast changing needs and strive to provide our portfolio with value and services they couldn’t find elsewhere. We are comfortable letting our reputation speak for itself, and recommend new founders to ask alumni in our portfolio about the support we provided them.

Bold plans backed up by concrete progress

We believe ambition is best served by disciplined pragmatism and concrete insights. We train companies in our portfolio to find and measure their traction before committing to scaling up fast. We encourage a culture of rigorous modeling and detailed analytics.


We are free to invest the funds under our management independently of corporate agendas or majority shareholders, and carefully avoid conflicts of interest.

Long term success

We help founders grow their company and achieve success within a few years, but also support their career even beyond the exit.