Guillaume Aubin co-founded Alven with Charles Letourneur. He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and IEP Paris. Guillaume joined Paribas in 1991 and worked successively in Paris, New York and London in the Corporate Finance department (M&A, IPO) for French and European companies, more particularly in the technology sector. He then developed an activity of investor in fast growing companies which led in 2000 to the creation of Alven.

Guillaume holds & has held over 30 board positions in wide range of companies including marketplaces, DNVB, Saas and Fintech companies

Charles Letourneur co-founded Alven with Guillaume Aubin. He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, ENSAE, and IEP Paris. Charles joined the M&A department of Lazard in 1991 in New York, and then in Paris where he was appointed Executive Director in 1999. In 2000, he was also appointed member of the Executive Committee of Eurazeo. He then developed an activity of investor in fast growing companies which led in 2000 to the creation of Alven.

Charles has been involved in all aspects of Alven’s development over the past 20 years, and focuses notably on opportunities in Saas, Fintech and  Marketplaces.

With a strong track record of building giant marketplaces, insurtech companies or consumer businesses, Rodolphe mainly backs companies with transactional business models.

As a VC, I’ve been lucky to work alongside entrepreneurs who had both bravery and vision to disrupt existing industries or create new categories: it’s the hardest job on earth, and that’s why I have infinite respect for those who risk everything and dedicate their time and energy to making a difference and leaving a legacy. If you have that ambition, we should definitely meet!

After studying finance and economics in Paris and Boston, Rodolphe joined the VC industry in 2003 and participated in the rise of the European tech ecosystem. He joined Alven in 2015.

François focuses on new forms of consumer communication, education and entertainment – especially for younger generations. He is also interested in next frontier technologies and applications – autonomy, robotics, brain and space.

I’m looking for a combination of binary plays and founders with super bold ambitions but the necessary risk-taking and resilient mindset to eventually get there.
Given the likely uneven journey, I care a lot about founders transparency and authentic will to welcome me as a partner and play intellectual and emotional pong on whatever key topic.
As a former founder, I consider myself a co-pilot, trying to leverage as much knowledge, pattern, network, creativity and empathy, but never touching the wheel, to help founders drive as fast and steep as they can.

François Meteyer started his career in technologies and Internet in 2010 in the Strategy & Innovation Department of Vivendi. In 2012, he created Decovery, a home design social platform that Altice Media Group acquired in 2014. He then worked with HEC Group to foster entrepreneurship and advise young founding teams. François Meteyer graduated from EDHEC and joined Alven in 2015.


Thomas focuses on early-stage investments in engineering-first companies across software, security, and financial services.

“I particularly like to invest in founders that go on to build products out of personal frustration – they see something broken in their industry and then make it their mission to fix it. It usually starts with some tinkering to increase productivity or to improve on an already widespread solution, followed by a lightbulb moment when they realize it could have a very large impact. That’s when they receive an email from me 🙂

Having spent over a decade living and working across UK, Europe, US and Asia, I was raised in a quite multicultural environment and have a soft spot for founders with global ambitions from day one.”

Thomas has a Computer Science, Statistics & Probability background and held several investment roles ranging from public investing, buyout, growth, and early stage investing in New York, London, Berlin, and San Francisco before joining the Alven team in 2020. He also holds an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Bartosz focuses on early-stage investments in fintech applications, crypto and web3 infrastructure, and decarbonation.

“I work extremely closely with the entrepreneurs in my portfolio, and I want to act as both a trusted partner and a sounding board to iterate around new ideas, both in product, go-to-market and recruitment.

That’s why I’m looking for high-agency, intellectually honest founders who are looking to solve a major problem while building a sustainable, long-lasting business. As a crypto and recruitment aficionado, I launched Operation 3, the web2 to web3 talent upgrade programme to help top tech operators land their next job.”

After studying business and game theory at HEC and École Polytechnique, Bartosz began his career in banking at Goldman Sachs before moving into venture capital and the tech space across Europe. He joined Alven in 2019.


Margaux has a natural inclination for fintech and admin tech stack (finance, HR, legal, compliance, risk, impact) and a strong appetite for impact-driven businesses.
I fell in love with the startup ecosystem because of the fabulous and positive energy I encountered there. Founders are bold and passionate individuals that I admire.
It’s not only about what they want to disrupt, re-invent, fix. It’s also how they want to do it. By promoting a more inclusive professional environment, in which the right balance of ownership and care creates the best playground for every individual. By ensuring social and environmental impact is part of the DNA of the company, not just a section on the website.
I am passionate too and I want to create beautiful stories with highly committed entrepreneurs, supporting them every step of the way.
Margaux started her career at Société Générale in the General Inspection department, to lead strategic assignments across business lines and countries, from retail strategy in Czech Republic to CIB compliance in NY. She then took an operational challenge and joined Luko at Series A, to build support functions (finance, legal, compliance, risks & ESG) and drive the execution of strategic topics from fundraising to M&A, as well as international expansion.

Victor focuses on early-stage investment in data infrastructure and tooling, as well as security software.

“I like to engage very early into the relationship with the entrepreneurs as I’m persuaded that only a personal connection based on ‘straightforward honesty’ can lead to long term partnership success.

I’m looking for entrepreneurs driven by a mission to solve a huge issue shared by many, structured, data driven, and with limitless ambition.”

Victor started his career as an entrepreneur and founder but switched to investing in 2017 joining XAnge where he worked in a number of investment roles. He then joined Alven in 2020.

Maria looks at early-stage investments in all verticals and is particularly interested in Insurtech, consumer projects, and the health space.

When I meet an entrepreneur, the things I care about the most are his/her determination and honesty. The first one will enable them to push further than others, reach incredible heights, and more importantly, stay up in difficult periods like the ones we’ve experienced recently. The second one will build trust around him/her, and enable us to partner for the long run no matter the situation. 

Born & raised in Morocco, I moved to several countries in Europe, the US, and Oceania, experiencing a cultural shock every time, that’s how I learned to adapt quickly. My friends and family call me a 4×4. I am looking for 4×4 entrepreneurs that find joy & accomplishment in adversity.

Maria started her career in 2019 at a startup called CareOS, a Baracoda company where she was a product manager. Prior to that, she had internships in strategy consulting at Oliver Wyman and as a supply chain manager at Danone. She graduated from HEC Paris & Polytechnique in 2019 and joined Alven in September 2021.

Stella joined the operating team of Alven in 2022 as Head of Talent. Prior to that, she worked for Luko as VP of People for over 2.5 years, leading the People strategy and execution to scale the company from 30 to +200 people.

Stella graduated from La Sorbonne before working as People Lead for corporations as well as several tech companies (, …) and the venture capital Eutopia.

Yves de Rocquigny holds an Executive Master in Corporate Finance at Paris IX Dauphine University and a master’s degree in management.

He started his career as a financial auditor at EY. He then spent 5 years at Bridgepoint, where he was in charge of the fund operations at the Paris office. He then switched to venture capital in 2018 as CFO of 360 Capital a Paris/Milan-based VC fund. Yves joined Alven in 2022 as Chief Financial Officer.

Léo-Paul Lajoinie holds a Master in Corporate Finance at Paris IX Dauphine University. He started his career as a Financial controller at Perenco. Prior to that, he completed two internships in banking: one at Bpifrance as a short term financing analyst and the other one at Clearwater International as a M&A and Business Development analyst. Leo-Paul joined Alven in May 2023 as a financial controller, supporting Yves de Rocquigny, CFO, on every aspect of the Finance function.

Aude Steinberg is heading the legal department as Alven’s Legal Counsel. With over 7 years of experience, she has a strong background in venture capital financings and M&A transactions.

She started her career working for companies and law firms such as Orange, Baker & Mc Kenzie and Allen & Overy. Then she was a venture capital associate at Dechert LLP and Goodwin Procter where she advised clients through every stage of the corporate life cycle.
She has a legal educational background and is also a graduate of ESCP Business School.

In 2005, she joined Alven where she is currently Head of Compliance and RCCI. Julie holds a Masters Degree in Financial Management and Taxation from La Sorbonne University in Paris.

After 10 years in the hospitality field, she chose a career of the future by joining Alven as an Office manager. She defines her main goal as leading the Alven Family to its best team spirit.