Mytraffic raises €30M series B to provide digital intelligence to  brick-and-mortar operators


Mytraffic’s ambition is to bring location analytics to the level of online analytics. This new funding round will support the development of its software and accelerate its growth across Europe.

The current funding round was led by AXA Venture Partners which joins current and historic investors such as Alven who led the Series A fundraising round in 2021 and Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet’s Kernel fund.

Mytraffic is the largest European pure player in ‘location analytics’, helping over 400 clients across 7 European countries (France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands). Retailers (Thom Group, Amorino, Poppeyes’), real estate operators (JLL, Nhood, Redevco) and city authorities (Montpellier, Brussels Major Events, Caisse des Dépôts) currently use its platform to select the best locations to open stores, monitor the performance of their real estate assets, attract visitors, and negotiate leases.  

Their SaaS platform quantify and qualify footfall in front of any location, anywhere in Europe. It has progressively expanded its capabilities to help a wide range of actors with fact-based decision-making. Thanks to more than 5 years of research and development, the team has developed a set of complex algorithms, able to handle tera-octets of raw data points per year. The software then transforms these data sets into easily accessible heatmaps, dynamic statistics and insights that respect to the strictest GDPR compliance rules. 

Mytraffic has been doubling its revenues every year for the past three years and expects to do so again in 2022 and 2023. Its ambition is to bring location analytics to the level of online analytics by setting the standard for the quality and quantity of intelligence real-world operators have access to.  

There is a huge discrepancy between the quality and the volume of real-time accurate information available to any website manager, and the imprecise, partial and outdated insights currently available to physical location operators. We aim to restore this imbalance.

Hakim Saadaoui, Co-founder and CEO of Mytraffic

Over the next 24 months, its team of 100+ data managers, data scientists, data engineers  and product managers will enrich its insights with additional high-value aggregates:  

  • Vehicle traffic: complementary to footfall, this data is essential for assessing the number of people visiting shops and restaurants in suburban activity zones, where the car is the main means of transport and which are experiencing strong traction since the end of lockdown restrictions. 
  • Location-based consumer purchasing habits, to better estimate the relevance of a  store opening  
  • Rent value, to compare footfall dynamism with rent value and better negotiate leases 

Key developments also encompass a collaborative platform approach as well as advanced prediction and recommendation features. Mytraffic is thus recruiting robust software engineers to support an ambitious roadmap.

To support its growth across its markets Mytraffic will continue to recruit, especially in Italy,  Germany, Spain and the UK, to grow existing offices in Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, London and Milan. In the forthcoming months, it will hire 20 senior profiles across various fields (Tech,  marketing, business acquisition, design, legal) and more than 30 sales representatives.


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