Carbonfact raises $2m to develop Carbon Management Software for the Fashion Industry


One year after launching, Carbonfact announces a $2million seed round led by Alven.

Since fashion is a massive contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, more and more C-levels and CSR leaders of fashion brands are committing to reduce their Corporate GHG emissions in alignment with the 2015 Paris Agreement. Yet, in the fashion industry, at least 90% of the corporate carbon footprint actually lies in their value chain, mostly driven by their products. As a result, reduction levers can be harder to identify and prioritize.

Carbonfact has built a new generation software performing Life-Cycle Assessments (LCA) for products in the fashion industry. Combined with Carbonfact’s Science team, this tool enables fashion brands and retailers to understand what drives most of their corporate footprint, what eco-design lever can be activated and how they can reconcile their CO2 ambition with their future product collections.

“Fashion brands were usually given a static sustainability report highlighting massive Scope 3 emissions, but they couldn’t get any concrete and actionable levers at the product-level on how to reduce it. At Carbonfact we reconcile CSR teams with Product Designers to make sure brands are reaching their corporate carbon targets.”
Marc Laurent, co-founder and CEO of Carbonfact

Carbonfact also offers a module (example here) used by brands to communicate directly on their product description pages.

“Product-level carbon emission data is the next frontier in carbon accounting. It’s the only level of granularity that enables this data to be actionable and usable by various teams like product design, supply chain, marketing, and more, for various business objectives. Carbonfact makes this data available and hence contributes to shifting consumption dollars from high-carbon products to low-carbon alternatives.”

Bartosz Jakubowski, Principal at Alven

Carbonfact’s team is composed of fashion experts, LCA specialists, Software Engineers (ex JobTeaser, Pretto) and Data Scientists (ex Airbnb, Alan). The company serves 150 fashion brands all over the world and 10+ major multi-brand retailers including Yoox Net A Porter Group and La Redoute.


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